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Incentive marketing

Incentive based marketing is the perfect tool for businesses in 2020 who want to grow without spending thousands of dollars on facebook advertising and other online strategies. This focuses on more traditional methods, like increased organic and word of mouth recommendations, with a 2020 twist added on 😉

How can offering your clients vacations help your business?

1. Referral programs

Turn your clients, into motivated promoters for your business!

Word of mouth marketing is the most effective kind of marketing.  People trust people they know.  This has been proven time and time again by some of the largest companies in the world.  

Use Client Vacations services, to offer your clients a vacation if they refer 10 members to your business! (You can choose any number of referrals that fits your business)

“Refer 10 members to our program, and you earn yourself a free 4 night stay in Hawaii”.  

2. Increase average order value

Incentivize clients to increase the amount they purchase from you!

Everyone has seen this at some time or another… 

That bar at the top of the website that says “Free Shipping For Orders Over $100”, or some variation of that.

If your business has any sort of online transactions, what better way to increase their order amount than entering them into a draw to win a 3-4 night vacation get away?  This is far more effective than simply “Free Shipping”..

 “Purchase over $100.00, and get entered to win 4 night in Los Vegas!”.

* This can be applied to almost any industry, not just online stores and sales.

3. Lead Generation

Hosting contests for a vacation if they book a sales or strategy call is a great lead generation tool!

If you provide a draw or contest for anyone who sets up a strategy call or sales call with you, your opportunities to close clients will sky rocket.  One of the most important things in sales is getting past the original objection.  If you can just get them on a call, or in a situation where they are willing to listen, then sales will follow!

“Schedule a consulting call, and get entered to win a 4 night vacation to Orlando Florida!”

4. Close more sales

If a client decides to work with you, offer them a complimentary 3-4 night stay in a nearby vacation destination

Pairing up your product or service with a vacation, is a great way to increase your value.  The more value a client sees, the  more likely they are to give you money!  If you strategically integrate a vacation get away based on your offer, this can work very well.

Of course, if it is a low ticket item, then you enter them into a draw.  If it seems too good to be true, it could have the opposite effect!

However, for larger ticket items, a direct added bous of a nearby getaway can be a great way to increase your close rate.

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Our users receive unlimited vacation incentives for destinations around the world.

Offer these vacations to your clients and explode your business.






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