How To Defeat The Fall Of New Years Resolutions

If you are a gym owner or own any fitness business, this blog will increase the retention of you customers by up to 60%…

By: Paul Johnson, January 6th 2020

The January Spike

If you want to retain your wonderful membership spike beyond the usual 2-3 month period, offering members Vacation Incentives is the way to do it.

If you have been in the health & fitness industry for a while, then you know that in January, the gyms turn from places of focus & regularity, into literal zoos.

This is great for your business for the first quarter of the year, however, once the first quarter comes to a close, so do the memberships!

Now, if each member who signs up in January, has a beach vacation waiting for them if they make it to say, month 9, then your membership retention can increase as much as 60%.

Using google trends, it is clear that over the last 5 years, January is by far the most popular time of year for fitness searches.  Since this image is not interactive, it may be more difficult to see, but every spike you see, is actually January of a new year.

How to make clients sign year long commitments... EVERY TIME!

There a multiple ways in which you can drastically increase client retention, through the use of vacation Incentives.

But quickly, why vacations?  

Vacations tie in PERFECTLY with the “New Year, New Me” attitude. 

What better reward, than after 9 months of working out and fitness goals, is getting to go to the beaches of say, Mexico or Miami, or any of the other destinations we have to offer, and taking some pictures of your new and improved body to share across the internet!

I am just kidding.. Kinda… As that is actually what people do..

Now, how do you use them to retain clients.

1. "Sign up for a 1 year membership, and exercise your way to Hawaii"

The first option, is to promote your 1 year contract option or whatever length of time your program may be!

If you have a vacation attached at the end of the year, and fully believe in their new years resolution, it is a very easy sell to get them off the month to month package!

2. "Make it through our 9 month membership challenge, and find yourself on the beaches of Miami!"

If you add in a timeline they have to reach in order to get the vacation, that can also work tremendously well!

If you have a boot camp, maybe they get entered into a draw at the end of the bootcamp!

If you have a challenge of some sort, maybe if they reach all of their goals at the end of the bootcamp, they get a beach vacation.

Be creative with it, but set a timeline and something that they have to achieve in order to get the vacation voucher.

3. "Whoever loses (X) amount of weight (Whatever their goal was) gets will earn a FREE vacation voucher to Orlando Florida!"

Turn it into a competition!

Depending on what kind of business you run, it can be fun if you make it a competition, and the winner of the competition gets the vacation voucher!

Yes, you can give away multiple vacations with our packages, but remember, the less you give away, the more rare and exclusive the prize is.

So sometimes, offering a challenge with only 1 winner is the best way to go.

Show Me The Numbers!

Let’s look at some numbers why don’t we!

More than 12% of new members join in January. Out of these new January-joining members, 80% will quit within 5 months and 14% quit before the end of February.

Now, lets assume you have 100 new signups in January and each member is paying a monthly fee of $50/ month.

That means, that by the time May hits, only 20 of these members will remain.

If you increase this retention through the Vacation incentives, you can instead, have 68 members remaining, until at least month 9 (depending which route you take)!

This is an increase of $2,400 monthly, for an additional 4 months, which totals $9,600 in additional revenue! 

If you are ready to hold onto those new members, get started with client vacations today! Client Vacations has partnerships with travel companies, hotel chains and many more, that allows YOU the opportunity to give your clients vacations at next to no cost!