How it works

Hotel partnerships

Why it works

1. Hotels win

Hotels Have Vacancies

These vacation incentives are for accommodation only.  With the accommodation industry becoming more and more competitive with companies such as Air B&B taking significant marketshare, hotels are having a surplus of vacant rooms. 

These hotels would much rather have guests stay at no cost, but spend on food, drink and activities!  Also, if the guest has a great experience, they will recommend their hotel to others, take photos in the hotel and possibly become a return customer.

2. Your client wins

Clients Get A Vacation Plus Your Service

Your clients benefit because not only are they getting your service, but the also get to save USD$400-$1500 on a vacation!  Now, they only are saving on accommodation, however, $1500 in savings is still an incredible deal!  The only fees clients have to pay, is for hotel and resort taxes, which average to around $20 per night.

3. You win

Competitive Advantage Over Competition

If you are in a competitive market, well you just increased the value you provide clients drastically.  If the services you provide are similar to a business down the road, it is important to stand out and increase your perceived value!

There are many ways to utilize these incentives, but the 5 most common are:


1. Referrals
2. Facebook group growth
3. Book consultations or sales calls
4. Increase order value
5. Close sales

Create your image

Once you think of a way to pair vacation giveaways with your service, it's time to start creating. Use free tools online to create beautiful images / videos that you can share on social media that talk about your amazing offer.

Send Vacations

Okay! So you posted your offer and a wave of likes, comments, and shares came what? Just login to Client Vacations and head to the "Redeem Vacation" tab to send your new client their vacation!

Happy clients receive vacations

Once you hit the "send vacation" button, our team will receive your request and send your client their vacation voucher. All of our vacation vouchers are sent to the clients email inboxes within 24 hours of your request. Congrats! You just got yourself a happy lifetime client...on to the next one!

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