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Success Stories

Fitness Trainer

Vernon owns his own fitness business. Usually, he sees a major increase in sales at the start of the year from resolutions, and then sees monthly subscriptions drop off around the 3 month mark. Once he implemented Vacation incentives, he found the drop off to be very marginal, and estimates it saved his business over $100,000 in one year!

I used Vacations as motivation to last longer at the gym. Here is how:

Real Estate Agent

Anna uses Vacation Incentives to draw larger crowds at open houses. She generated an additional 4 sales in 2019 in comparison to 2018, which she attributes to Client Vacations.

When I advertise my open houses, I add in the open house Vacation raffle, here are the rules:

Ecom Store

Taylor has been running her Ecommerce store for a few years. She had grown her email list to a few thousand members. Using vacation giveaways, she was able to generate $9000 in just 48 hours! She does this once a quarter. That is an extra $56,000/year thanks to vacation giveaways.

Using only my email list here is what I do:

Hair Stylist

Stefan says that giving away vacations has scaled their business by over 70% in profit. Instead of spending a ton of money on advertising, he mentions to all his current customers that they have a loyalty program. Word of mouth marketing is his new form of marketing, and it's FREE!

Here is what my referral program looks like:

Online Marketer

Michael is an Online Marketer. Using Vacation giveaways, he has generated an additional $400,000 for his business. He has done this through using Vacation incentives to gain clients, and getting his clients to signup, then teaching them how to use Vacation giveaways in their business.

Here is how I do it:


Christian is a music DJ, which is a very competitive industry. Before using Client Vacations he had a very hard time separating himself from everyone else. Once he started offering free vacations to Las Vegas to increase his offer, he increased his business by 80% from 2018, to 2019.

Before I had a long list of testimonials, it was almost impossible to get bookings. Once I increased my value, it was easy!


Jacob increased his Restaurants revenue by $220,000 by creating special times and special days of the week. In addition to "Happy Hour", they now offer "Travel Tuesdays" and "Foreign Fridays".

On Tuesdays and Fridays, we now generate more business than any of the other days combined!

Wedding Photography

As a weddiing photographer out of Louisiana, Miles used to struggle gaining bookings. He averaged 30-50 leads per year from previous advertising. Using vacation giveaways in his marketing campaigns, he received over 250 bookings and is now completely booked for 2020.

I kept it very simple. Here is what I did:

Yoga & Mindset

Meghan has been implementing vacation giveaways with her yoga business! She has experienced drastic increases in members through a Bali destination promotion.

Travel, yoga an mindset are perfect fits! Members were thrilled to learn about the Bali giveaway:

Affiliate Marketing

James generated an additional $80,000 in revenue thanks to Vacation giveaways in his affiliate marketing business. This allowed him to become a digital nomad, travel the world and giveback to what he cares about most.

Offering Vacations for small ticket items will come off as a scam to people, so instead I gamify it. Here is how I use them:

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